Sunday, March 14, 2010

Procrastination and Tax Evasion

Yes I am blogging instead of working on last year's tax return.  Why oh why do I do this EVERY single year?  Why do I not tidy up my tax once a month and then not have to worry about it come tax time?  I just LOATHE paperwork (especially figures - I am so not good with numbers!)
Today the car is getting its long overdue service which necessitated a walk home from Nairne - Maddie trying out the new stroller and Dan ambling along in his new "flashy" joggers.  We took our time; we stopped at the park and feed the ducks, and ate apples, and talked about this and that.  We looked at cement mixers, and roadworks, and tree lopping and other topics of interest to three year old boys and all the time I was priding myself on being a "good mother" and letting the dear boy dictate our pace when really all I was doing was avoiding my tax return.

Now that I am home (and everyone has been fed and watered) I am thinking that I really need to post about our "baby" being 3 months old?!  That is surely much better than shuffling old receipts?

This dear sweet baby is 3 months old already!  How did that happen?  All of the sleepless nights and endless feeding and colic is behind us now and we are displaying a happy, social disposition.  Like her big sister, Madeline doesn't like to miss anything.  She is so alert and interested in what is going on and especially responds to her brother and sister.  Daytime sleeps are not a high priority - although she happily takes a little cat nap in the car and has been known to fall asleep on her playmat. 
This girl loves to "talk" and coos and goos and blows raspberries at anyone who will cooperate. 
I have never seen a 3 month old so intent on crawling before - put Maddie on her tummy and the little legs go like crazy trying to wriggle away.  I'm thinking she might crawl early as we've already got a funny commando creep happening
 Hannah is still enjoying "dressing" our little dolly and I have to say that I have taken secret pleasure in it too - it has been lovely to pull out all of Hannah's little dresses, and to be given so many sweet new ones too.
Maddie is growing so fast that we are having to pack size 000 away.  She has dimples on her elbows and fat rolls on her thighs.  She is utterly delicious and adorable in every way and we are all still so in love with her.  There is something so right about having a baby in the house!

Until next time when I share biscuit recipes and recent op shop finds,
Keep smiling,

p.s. last photo was taken by the ever-talented Nic Wood - love it but she looks SOOOO grown up :(


Anonymous said...

Nell Maddie is just so GORGEOUS,you are a fabulous mum. The tax return can wait, Children grow to quickly.

Anonymous said...

hey missus - i finally got here - lots of lovely pics and your usual newsy real style writing - it felt like a letter! Will send you one of those soon - things here are a changin - i hope. Dad got the all clear to return to work! RON