Wednesday, December 8, 2010

12 Days of Christmas day 3 - Decorating the tree

My little Christmas elf has been itching to put the tree up but I wanted to wait until after Maddie's birthday.  On the first of December out came the decorations and up went the tree.  Hannah is very much of the stand-back-and-chuck school of decorating so our tree would never feature in a magazine anywhere but the kids had a ball and even Maddie joined in the fun (and surprisingly has "touched" but not destroyed the lower branches!)  One thing I do love about our tree is the memories that are evoked every year - plastic cup bells from a preschooler who is now a big grade 7 girl; a salt dough baby jesus that weighs so much the branch tips to one side, countless paper angels and stars from playgroup and kindy; and all of the treasured ornaments from friends and students collected over the years.  Every year I treat myself to a porcelain photo ornament of my cherubs too so decorating the tree is a reminder of how our family has grown and changed each year.  It might never win a decorating award but this tree is special for the lovely memories and the many small acts of kindness hanging from every branch.

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The Handmaden said...

You just gave me a thought that hadn't previously occured - little A will probably attempt to destroy our tree when it goes up! Hmmm, some sort of barrier may be necessary.
Your tree looks great by the way!