Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just kickin back

I am LOVE, LOVE, LOVING the holidays.  It is so blissful to not have to do the school run.  This morning Hannah made pancake mix while I read one more chapter of my book before getting up.  We use Cousin Caitie's mix which is essentially 1 cup of SR Flour, 1 cup milk, 1 egg, vanilla and salt.  We double it if we are hungry.  This morning Hannah made double (by herself)  I forget that she is capable of doing things like that now.  She even put everything back in the cupboard and wiped the bench when she finished.  A bit too grown-up really.  Anyway, for everyday use these pancakes are very kid friendly and a great vehicle for lashings of butter and maple syrup or far too much sugar and lemon juice.  For really decadent, special day, a-bit-more-time-in-the-kitchen pancakes we use Molly Wizenberg's recipe from "A Homemade Life"  I think I have raved about this book before.  It is full of wonderful recipes and achingly beautiful writing.  I can't decide whether my copy should live with the recipe books or my favourite stories so it tends to float between the two categories and often lives on the couch.

No photos with this post but if I was motivated enough I could show you:
a backyard full of cream-painted planks waiting for pergola building
a backyard full of dying weeds waiting for landscaping and turfing
a boy still in his pyjamas watching more kids tv than usually acceptable
a girl drawing her own map of Australia (as you do?!?)
a girl who wrote her first "novel" on 2 sheets of foolscap yesterday (and yes the heroines were named after herself and two school friends LOL)
a house in dire need of a really good clean
a small person who insists on taking her nappy off and leaving puddles and er...presents... around the house (anyone want to buy a brand new but slightly wee-ed on sweetheart punch?)
children who have managed to have 3 playground plays in 3 days
a contented if messy mummy who is just enjoying chilling with the cherubs!
Happy Wednesday!

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Nic Wood said...

oh I know just what you are saying - our holidays have been filled with playground and bushland park visits with friends and cousins, picnics, sleep ins (well as much as you can call 7.30am a sleep in!)isnt it just bliss!!!
Nic xxx