Thursday, June 2, 2011

And now my Princess is 7

7 years ago they placed this little bundle into my arms.

Before I knew it the cheeky, chubby baby was walking. Then that baby became one of the most stubborn, delightful, chatty toddlers I have ever known.
She NEVER stopped talking and always wanted to know WHY?
She brought more joy and laughter to our lives than I had ever imagined possible.  She lived in a fairytale world all of her own.
She really DOES have a princess complex.  We have enjoyed watching her grow and change.  She is helpful, happy, imaginative and creative.  Today she is seven.  I have enjoyed the journey with her so much and I adore the little person she is becoming.  Love you, my baby bear, my Princess Hannah!  Happy Birthday sweet girl!


Nic Wood said...

Happy Birthday Han - hope you had a wonderful day.

Nic xxx

Ellie Great said...

Great photos!