Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fireman Dan and a bit of crafting

Today Dan and I went to the Metropolitan Fire Station for his kindy excursion.  I think the look on his face says it all.  Lovely to have this day with just my boy (and the upside has been the snuggles and cuddles I have had since we have been home; he even said to me "Mummy, you are just my treasure" - heart melting)

Life has been busy (even busier than usual LOL) here so not a whole heap of crafty stuff happening.  There has been this school hat for Hannah.  The pattern is from Ann Budd's "Knitted Gifts" book.  I am a bit disappointed that the cable just kind of disappears in the mottled wool.  The wool is pre-dyed Romney tops that I have spun up into a thickish 8 ply.  After the hat there are matching mittens and a scarf (which I will have to make up to match as the pattern is only for a hat and mittens!)

Hannah has also been invited to a spate of birthday parties lately so I made these to go with a little gift.  Quick and easy - 15 minutes in front of the telly and I think they are kind of fun.

I did manage to finish 3 quilt tops on the long weekend so I've also been busy organising backing and binding for them so that I can send them down to Emma for quilting!
Happy Friday!
Keep smiling,

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I so miss the letters and inspiratin we used to share ST