Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Back in the crafty zone!

Why will I never learn that when my crafting mojo is at a low I just need a few quick easy projects.  There is nothing like a bit of instant gratification to get the crafty juices flowing again.  A friend on www.ravelry.com is collecting little hats for a NZ hospital that was affected by the earthquakes so I have been "playing" with some beautiful watermelon coloured 4ply from www.kathysfibres.com and some leftovers from my stash.

This little hat ended up too big for the hospital but found a willing recipient.  I love how this one turned out!  I also really love that it turned out how I planned.  I find crochet so easy that way - I could never mess with knitting the way I play with crochet.  Now I want to make some smaller versions of these for the hospital.  If anyone else is keen to get involved Kathy and I are sending the hats off at the start of March.

Some more impromptu projects - the kids had school swimming this week and needed a separate bag for their swimming stuff - these took next to no time to make using bits from my stash (I think I bought this fabric to make jammies and never got there?)  I lined them with a really thick vinyl that was bought to make a weighted quilt for Autism SA (I sometimes have good intentions - I bought all the stuff and then it got too hard and the child it was for moved on before it was finished - I still feel a bit guilty about that so it was kind of nice to at least put the vinyl to good use)  If I was making these again I would try using the iron-on vinyl as this is pretty heavy duty.  Not to worry as I figure I've probably only got a few years before these Mummy-made bags will be considered seriously uncool!

I've also been doing some alterations on a nasty little 80s number for the 80s Murder Mystery that I am going to on Friday.  My alterations left me with enough fabric for 2 whopping great scrunchies to complete the look - urk!!! The 80s were so not good!!!

There has also been progress on my applique borders and I have finally figured out what I am doing for the Very Hungry Caterpillar.  I may or may not have been slightly sidetracked by a yummy Ruby layer cake that fell into my bag at quilting last weekend (I know - so against the simple living stuff and the 12 WIP but I just HAD TO!)  I am itching to start that project!!!!

I have also spent considerable time op shopping with the Madster (ostensibly to find 80s accessories)  The last thrifty finds included a pair of near new pink converses in Maddie's size, a metre and a half of vintage floral (yeah, I feel just like Kate www.foxslane.blogspot.com )  The gorgeous blue bowl cost a whole 50cents and the Royal Albert saucer (I LOVE Royal Albert!!) was 30cents!!!  I have a slight obsession with mismatched china.

Last but not least, today I found these new cups (4 in blue and 4 in red!) that fit perfectly in the coffee machine - oh happy day!  Can you see a trend emerging in my new crafty space?

You won't hear from me again this week - after teaching tomorrow I fly out Thursday for my Creative Memories Leadership Conference at Kingscliff (such a tough life!!!)
Until next time,
keep smiling,

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