Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February WIP

So if you only had 24 hours to quilt this in, how would you quilt it?  I am thinking in the ditch for the horizontal and vertical lines with a free motion outline around the butterfly and leaf and caterpillar?

Who am I kidding though?  This is not going to get finished in February.  Perhaps it could be my first WIP finish for March?  I will have to go back and read AJ's rules about the 12 projects in 12 months challenge - not sure what happens if you miss a month?  Still determined to get more than 12 WIPS done this year (but I did 3 in January so I figure I have a few already up my sleeve!)

Despite not meeting deadline I am feeling better about this quilt now that the top is finally done!  This quilt will also be the last quilt that I do before our Apple Piecers Quilting course with Lorraine Cocker so hopefully all quilts from here on in will be a bit more exciting than stitch in the ditch?

I feel like February has been an emotionally exhausting month - all the dramas of getting the kids settled back at school and establishing a new routine with the thought hanging over me that it will all change next term anyhow!!!

As of next term I will be back at work 3 days a week.  In many respects it is my dream job at my dream kindy and I will be working the way I love to work, with a set group of children over 2 consecutive days, but it does mean lots of BIG changes - lots of rethinking how we thought our lives would be for the next few years (I had not anticipated going back to work until Maddie started school)  Thankfully, I have a super supportive boss, and the love and support of my inlaws, great childcare, and kids that are pretty easy going and flexible.  I just know that I will need to be way more organised than I am naturally inclined to be and I will also have to overcome the "Mummy Guilt" of not being home with Maddie.  Please don't think I am judging anyone who has had to go back to work while their bubbies were little - I am grateful that I haven't had to before now.  I am also grateful that this is a conscious choice I am making to return to my pre-kids career more for the love of it, and the opportunity, than for the money but I am still grappling a little with the idea of not being around so much for my little Maddie!  Enough rambling - I have a quilt to finish!!!

Oh, and if you are reading this, and you are just lurking and I haven't heard from you for a while why not leave a comment, just so I know you are still there?
Happy Tuesday,
Keep smiling,


Emma said...

I'd quilt in the ditch along either side of the horizontal strips (and alongside the blue line in the middle, even if ti's nto actually a seam) and inside and outside the borders on the feature panels, and around the caterpillar.butterfly shapes, then stipple the panel backgrounds and the pinwheels.

The Handmaden said...

The quilt looks gorgeous! I think the quilting you mentioned would work well, perhaps keeping it simple will make it more achievable.

Kylie Ross said...

beautiful quilt Nellie, hope you got it finished!

I am sure you will manage the return to work beautifully, especially as you are goin gto a job that makes you happy :)

Kids are so resilient and flexible I am always amazed at how well they adapt to channges we worry about and think through with little or no problem :)

kpmidd said...

Oh dear, I think we'd better organise another catchup before you start working 3 days a week and have no more time for me!!! All of my friends have either moved away, gotten jobs or started studying this year. Which leaves me home all alone with nothing to do!

Seriously though, no more mummy guilt, ok - you need to do what's right for you.