Monday, March 5, 2012

Finished WIP and the next one!

Well here it is, finally finished binding on Saturday so technically my first WIP for March?
And here is hopefully the next to be finished?  This was a version of Rosalie Quinlan's "Rebekah Amy" quilt started in Melbourne at least 10 years ago.  Funny how your tastes change as now I feel like this quilt is a bit too tonal and muted - nothing to make it pop!  This will be perfect to practise all over quilting on though!

It is a very grey rainy day here and I have a very mischievious toddler and a house that desperately needs decluttering before a busy week ahead.
Happy Monday!


Emma said...

Well done Nell! We must arrange a day for you to collect your other quilt, too!

Nell said...

Thanks Emma - I ended up not stippling the pinwheels because my stippling is still awful!!! I was thinking about that quilt the other day LOL. Luckily I know a minister who is working in the St George area who will be able to still get the charity quilts to people in need after the floods. How does thursday afternoon suit? I am at a meeting in town until 12 but could swing by on the way home? Failing that my next "free day" is the 23rd of March LOL

The Handmaden said...

Well done, it's so gorgeous!

Mamie Girl said...

Oh Nell it is beautiful- You hvwe done a great job. I just read your last few posts and I hear you on the where did febuary go- febuary was a tough one here with mum here. about feeling bad about not being with maddie if it makes you feel better, it always makes me feel better when i see your face at kindy and know that luke is being looked after so much love. it is a great plce to be and also sometimes it makes us better mummies when we are doing somthing that we love.