Sunday, March 11, 2012

Almost famous and most recently finished!

I recently had the honour of listening to Rhonda Anderson, the co-founder of Creative Memories, speak in Adelaide.  It was so amazing to hear her share her story and to recognise that she has touched and changed millions of lives just with one good idea.  She presented all of the SA Leaders with a special certificate so I was lucky enough to get a photo with her!

On the crafting front, this is the last quick finish - the Elf hat from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" (although I modified the pattern to use circular needles)  The yarn is my own navaho plied Stained Glass from

And in the spirit of sharing, because was brave enough to show her shelves of doom I thought I should add my own photo of the disasterous sewing table before the move to the craft room this afternoon.  I had actually started the cleaning/sorting process when this was taken hence the two top shelves.  I am almost finished now and will try to post "finished" photos tomorrow.  Scary how many almost-finished projects I unearthed.  When hubby heard me groaning and came to investigate he said "Why don't you just throw them out?"  What a liberating thought.  I am TRYING to let some of them go!!!!

Happy weekend!
p.s. the little blue pieces of paper stuck to the shelves say "DO NOT START ANOTHER THING" sigh...if only I would heed my own advice!

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The Handmaden said...

Starting something new is just too exciting!
Love the hat, very cute.