Monday, August 13, 2012

With a Nod to French General

We've been getting very Frenchy around here lately.
It now looks like an almost certainty that we will be back in the UK and France next year so it is good to have a few little francophile reminders about the place.  This is my new linen cushion that I LOVE from I also fell in love with a quilt pattern using my French General Layer cake and have had to purchase another layer cake and the border fabric for it (how yummy is that red border fabric and how good will it look hiding our very sad killed-by-the-kids couch!)

And I have been crocheting more washcloths and came upon this lovely red cotton in a box inherited from James' Aunt.  The box was an old hosiery box with precious bits of lace and sateen and florists tape and wire and a skein of red cotton.  I think it must have been from her teenaged/young adult years.  Anyway, I think the red makes a lovely "French General" touch with the ecru/bone cotton from my stash.

There has actually been quite a lot of gratuitous spending here lately; more fabric at Mannum Craft Fair yesterday (to make a strippy quilt for Mads for Christmas) and some more fibre from the lovely and a bit more wool from Bendigo to participate in a ravelry knit-a-long (because lord knows I need another project LOL)  Tomorrow my lovely friend Lea-Anne is coming over to knit socks so all in all quite a crafty time of it!

And just because I can; here are the children that were bribed with cake and lollipops so that their shameless mother could go to the fibre fair!
Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with a bit of bribery Nell... Works well on Jasmyn too!!
Bag is all packed ready to go.. see you tomorrow.

Mamie Girl said...

You are going to have to teach me how to make a wash cloth! I am so jealous Paris, London and Rome are my all time want to visit list oh well I have to settle for New York. My be I can take you in my suitcase if you will take me in yours ;P