Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Excitement and a spot of crafting

Just a bit of excitement today when my new cropping table finally arrived. I know I am easily excited but you see we have always had this table which is little and cute and really no good for entertaining. My front room (the scrap space) has had two trestles and an end table. The trestles are getting old and rickety and painful to put up and down. So now I have this:
and I am so in love with it. I predict that this table will see croppers cropping, and stitchers stitching, and quilts basted, and family and friends gathered around it for homecooked meals, and it will probably even turn into a mansion of a cubby house at some point. It is beautiful and I am so proud that I paid with it totally from Creative Memories money.

So when are you coming to crop with me?!?

On a totally unrelated subject. As a kindy teacher I have always valued prior learning - children come to kindy with all sorts of wonderful knowledge that they pick up from watching their parents (I had one little bloke that could take tractors apart LOL) Here are my children showing off a bit of what to them is very normal. Hannah has been learning to knit on a knitting nancy. She is making a beanie for dolly. Then the other day I found Dan seriously doing this and as he did so saying to himself "knit, knit, cro, cro" Bless them! I'm glad they've inherited the crafty gene!

Keep smiling,

p.s. would have loved to show off my table with a huge vase of flowers but the garden is exhausted after the heat wave!

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quiltygal said...

Hi Nell good to meet you today love to see your children crafting its great....hope you got lots done on your quilt today.....