Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's not's me...

I know we've had some good times together.  And the age difference never really worried me before.  But I've moved on you see?  Life is different with 3 small children and you have to admit that you have been getting increasingly fractious and unreliable in your old age.  It never worried me that you weren't pretty.  You were always so practical....and dependable... and I do still love you...but it is time to say goodbye.  Thank you for the good memories.
And as for YOU, well I never really liked you anyway!
Oh Yeah, Mama's got a new set of wheels!


The Handmaden said...

Oh, now I'm jealous - my version is the same make and colour but much, much older!!
Enjoy it, I love our van.

Nell said...

Yes, I already love it. I started family life with a Mazda 323, then got the 626 and now have this one!
Hope you are having a crafty weekend - I am making a softie with your lime green flannel ;)