Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday sewing

After such a busy month it felt so good to get stuck into some sewing yesterday.  I was determined to clear a little space off the sewing table so UFOs and mending were a priority.  Aside from the boring and thankless task of repairing two pairs of boy's trousers and Hannah's skirt I refashioned Dan's worn out jeans into a pair of shorts and then finished a bit of suffolk fun on this little blue smock for Maddie.
Then there was a big pink and white smocked maternity top that came in a gifted bag of maternity clothes when I was pregnant with Maddie.  Hannah had clapped eyes on it and declared it perfect for her!  It has been sitting on my sewing table for most of the pregnancy and then the 10 months since.  It did actually only take half an hour to remove the cap sleeves, sew up the sides,, refashion the sleeves and add a little pocket.  She loves the result (and Daddy couldn't believe it when I explained to him that it started life as an ugly maternity top - I swear that Boy still has no idea of the unknown quantity/qualities of the woman he married LOL)
Hannah has given it the whirl and twirl of approval.
I also finished a softie horse for the Softies For Mirabel campaign.  Unfortunately the sewing table is still groaning under the weight of UFOs.  You would swear I hadn't even made a dent!  The girl and I are planning a quick trip down to Mathilda's market today so maybe I'll come home inspired to do some more later!


Anonymous said...

It was me who gave you that top - I'm so offended.

Kidding. Very cute.

xx Kaz

Nic Wood said...

Fantastic refashion! And being a male, DH will probably never get it LOL!

Nic xxx