Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Little Bit of Steiner Inspired Joy!

I recently did a swap with the lovely Kel from http://www.thehandmaden.blogspot.com/.  Kel has been experimenting with dyeing fabrics and playsilks.  I swapped her some hand-dyed, handspun wool for some exquisite playsilks.  Kel has lovely clear photos of the swap over on her blog but I wanted to show you her gorgeous creations being played with.  A real surprise was the dear little dolly that she sent for Maddie.  It was love at first sight - Maddie was so excited she kept wanting to "show" me her baby (which made it difficult to get a good photo!)  "Baby" now sleeps with Maddie and is also popping up all over the house as Maddie takes her exploring!
Thank you so much Kel for such a precious gift.
Of course my beautiful playsilks have to have a beautiful home so yesterday Maddie and I checked out a local second hand shop and found a nice little wooden bookshelf to put all of our natural/Steiner inspired toys on.  It is not exactly the dream Steiner playroom but we will at least have a lovely little corner full of natural and handmade goodness.  I wanted to pick the shelf up today but alas my stationwagon has a dead battery so it will have to wait.  It is actually one of those nothing-going-right kind of days where the baby won't settle and the Preschooler wants undivided attention and inanimate objects (car, toaster, and washing machine) are all giving grief.  I think I might try Maddie with a sleep again and go and play in the front room?  Maybe I should throw a playsilk over my head and pretend the rest of the world doesn't exist!

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The Handmaden said...

Oh, thanks Nell, it's great to see things being used and loved.
I can relate to the cranky baby - those teeth just keep coming!
Wishing you lots of better and happy days :)