Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Layout a Day Challenge

Okay, so we all know how super organised I am this Christmas (eh hmm...not) which is why I can't believe I have come up with this hairbrained idea!  I really need to catch up on my kids albums and I have noticed that I seem to feel like I have accomplished more (or something) on the days that I have a layout or two to show for it...so, over the school holidays I am committing to a layout a day.  Because I rarely do a single page in a sitting I might sometimes have a few layouts to show.  I am giving myself permission not to have to blog it every day, and I am recognising that over Christmas I might not get to scrap (so those extras can count for those days!)  If you are into scrapping then feel free to play along (and you can leave a link to your pages in the comments if you like?)

I have been enjoying using up some old stuff like the Great Escapes paper and old chamois cardstock!

This is the new Nancy O'Dell "Love" series - which even works for boys stuff!

"Think Pink" and the Love series - seriously love this photo but not sure this page is "finished" yet!

First of three using the same photos and the Love series (which just fitted perfectly with these photos)  Even if I have the same photos to scrap 3 times (once for our family album and once for each of the girls) I will still do different pages (coz I just don't like to have to do some things more than once!)

Layout adapted from December's CM crop talk.  Still not sure if I like the white space on the left hand side but I think I will live with it!

LOVING the new Creative Memories scallop tearing tool! Such yummy dimension on the page.  I also really like the ephemera effect on the Love paper.

  Now I am off to try today's page before the two youngest wake up ;)

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kpmidd said...

What a fabulous idea! I've decided to do a page (or two) in the evenings now that there's not much on the telly. I really need to get caught up - wouldn't it be nice to finally do just that!