Thursday, December 22, 2011

One handmade present

This year I have not done nearly as much "handmade" for Christmas as I had hoped so I was really delighted to get this special present finished last night!  Maddie will have her own special Steiner/Waldorf dolly under the tree this year.

Judging by the delight she was taking sticking pins into its face yesterday this dolly is sure to come in for some tough loving.  I had to laugh that at one stage she nicked off with just the head and the disembodied limbs and when I went looking for them she had tucked them all safely up in bed and told me "Sshh! Dolly asleep!"  Hopefully that means she will bond with dolly.  Unfortunately Hannah and Daniel really don't play a lot with their Waldorf dolls at all.

We had a truly horrendous day here yesterday.  I am thinking of an acquaintance who lost her battle with cancer and has left behind a little toddler so I am not in a very positive frame of mind.  The kids were total terrorists - broken and drawn on books, drawn on walls, lots of tanties and fighting and nagging and dobbing. Last night I read a bit of Soule Mama and decided to adopt a slower pace today so we had a leisurely pancake breakfast and then some gardening.

Heart glad Mummy moment when a baby magpie showed up and started warbling.  The seven year old " Hello Mr Magpie, thank you for singing us good morning"
The five year old "That is such a lovely song you're singing"
The two year old just stood in awe with her hands behind her back and a face full of wonder.

You've gotta love a garden!
Now we are off to wrap presents and make felt ornaments and rocky road!
Happy thursday!
Keep smiling,


kpmidd said...

What a lovely story about the baby magpie and your children's response to it! I hope they're behaving better for you today!

The Handmaden said...

Well done, a finished dolly just in the nick of time.
I think you had the right idea to escape to the garden - fresh air, flowers and greenery, the odd carrot or bean to munch on.
Hope things are going well today, I always find the children get a bit restless at this time, they just want Christmas to come!

Nic Wood said...

she is gorgeous - hope maddie loved her. Merry Christmas xxx