Monday, January 18, 2010

Fairies in my garden (and dinosaurs too!)

Did you know I have fairies in my garden? Dinosaurs too!  My friend Kirsten sent Hannah a wonderful gardening book that had an idea for a fairy garden using an old basket.  Hannah received 3 little fairies in her Christmas stocking and Daniel received plastic dinosaurs in his.  After a trip to our local op shop for a suitable basket ($4 bargain!) and a trip to the nursery for them to both pick out plants we were all set.  The kids had a great time making these with only minimal help from Mum.  They have been dutifully watering everyday too and there has already been some great play happening.

On a totally unrelated topic; have you checked out the Craft Hope etsy shop  They are trying to raise money for Haiti with all profits going to Doctors without Borders.  If I can I'll try to work out how to link their button to this blog?  They are looking for donations but also have some great stuff to buy. 
Keep smiling,

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Nic Wood said...

What a wonderful idea - I think we will have to make a dinosaur and a fairy garden at our house too - love that they could be moved around the yard, and that they are in recycled baskets - very cool!!!!
Have fun playing in your special gardens Han & Dan!
Nic xxx