Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm Blaming You!!!

This morning I cut up one of Maddie's cot sheets.  Nothing else would do.  I tried, really I did.  I tried shopping from my stash, I tried matching homespun at the Patchwork Apple, but I couldn't get the right shade, or the right feel, for the project I had in my mind, and all the time I just knew exactly where the right fabric was.  So I am blaming you Alicia Paulson, and Janelle from Heartfelt Crafty Things, and Amanda Blake Soule, and Nicole Wood, and all of you other lovely bloggy ladies who keep showing me how much fun it is to repurpose something old into something new.  In some ways it is a returning to my childhood - growing up in a family that wasn't particularly crafty I often "scrounged" bits and pieces to repurpose for my projects; and when I didn't have a pattern (almost always) I just made one up.  Somewhere along the way I have acquired more fabric/cash/patterns and lost the ability to just "make do" - I am having fun finding that part of myself again.  This is the start of a Spring swap project for Dutch Blue.  I am using the stitchery from Rosalie Quinlan's book "A Stitch In Time" but just matching up threads from out of my stash, and doing the flowers kind of free hand because I couldn't be bothered tracing each little one.  Oh, and the stitching fairy was really very good to me because just when I was feeling guilty about cutting up Maddie's cot sheet I found another identical one in the linen cupboard and we never use top sheets on baby's cots anyway :)  Just goes to show that I should probably be cleaning out the linen cupboard instead of blogging or stitching LOL.
Enjoy your weekend!
Keep smiling,

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Nic Wood said...

careful, refashioning is addictive - cant wait to see it finished!

Nic xxx