Thursday, January 7, 2010


Loving: Those twinkly blue eyes; that sweet, milky, slightly moist baby smell; the smiles (that aren't wind); the soft cooing noises and the dimples beginning to form in her hands and feet.  Not liking so much: the sleep deprivation and the fact that my baby is one month old already! Loving 100% organic nectarines that taste of pure sunshine and Summer; that crazy, rainbow chalked fence; and my Beatrix Potterish vegie garden with the multicoloured lettuces in regimented rows just waiting for Peter Rabbit to nibble on them!Loving: the joy that one present can bring; summer activities like trampolining and swimming that wear little people out enough that I get quiet time in the afternoons! Loving: anything with red and white spots but especially this Christmas dress that was just from Mummy to Maddie (I have a feeling this one will go in her special keepsakes and not be passed on!)

Loving: sharing this last pregnancy and newborn days with my dear friend Naomi and her gorgeous son Max - having someone to share this experience has made it so special :)  Naomi has a way of putting everything into perspective.  Neither Maddie nor Max have been "easy" babies - Naomi keeps me grounded and positive and says "Enjoy not Endure!"

Loving: seeing little baby things drying on the line in the Summer sunshine.
Not liking so much: the extra washing!

Loving: Beautiful handmade things for Maddie; the thought, love and care that goes into a handmade gift.

Loving: the flurry of Christmas and post-Christmas mail from friends and family we would love to hear more from; it was especially nice to find out that a few of them have been lurking here (you know who you are J and H! SOOOO wonderful to hear from you!)

Loving: the cherubs' first sewing efforts (Hannah on the left, Dan on the right)  I was especially impressed by how quickly Dan picked it up!  These will become special library bags.
Loving: the prospect of a child free (not baby free) day scrapping this weekend!

Loving: the finer details; the little things in life that make a moment sweet and special! Those last precious weeks when this little one is all mine before she heads off on her educational journey.

Hope you're enjoying Summer as much as we are!
Keep smiling,

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