Sunday, January 1, 2012


Julie over at threw down the challenge to share UFOs in the hope that it might provide the motivation to finish them.  So while it feels a little scary to do so, here are my biggest UFOs:

 Nessie's baby quilt which is in need of just a few squares stitched and then a border.  The sweet little stitcheries are from Alicia Paulson's lovely book.  I've decided to change the original quilt a bit and put a border - only problem is that I can't decide on what border and nothing in my stash seems to suit and a border is going to necessitate a pieced back.  This little quilt is also suffering from second child syndrome in that I am feeling guilty that it is made from my scrap pile when Nessie's first quilt was one of my all time favourites and part of my obsession with red and white and the Feathered Friends stitcheries.  Any suggestions welcome.
 This was a Katie Jean knockoff and just a bit of fun on some old sheeting.  Really should just spend a couple of hours playing and then give it to Maddie for her doll's bed (the whole thing only measures about 25x35cm)
 Aarggghh! This began as a gift of someone else's half started applique project (all of the pieces were lovingly cut and basted)  I took it on as a challenge as I had not really done hand applique before.  It was a labour of love but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The friendship braids were orphans that seemed to match.  The scrappy blocks are made up of some really old and ugly fabrics.  The problem I have now is that I know it would look best with a wide border of the cream (in the bottom left corner) with some appliqued birds and vines/leaves in opposite corners.  This is where it has just stalled because I need to learn how to use my bias maker, and mess around with arranging all the bits and I get to the point where I seriously can't be bothered!
Emmy Lou's Braids - started as a class to learn machine applique.  I LOVE the fabrics in this quilt and to be honest, in my brain, this quilt was much further along than I thought.  I was quite disappointed when I dragged the box out and found that I still had so much to do!!!

Not photographed are the 2 pairs of socks (each still missing a mate), a cardigan that Maddie will have outgrown by the time it is finished, a fluffy hot pink baby jumper that was started for my 11 year old niece when she was a baby, a smocked dress also started for the same niece when she was a toddler - if I finished it Maddie could wear it now, a Christmas wall hanging that was purchased at a craft fair when I lived in Melbourne a decade ago, a Leanne Beasely "Merry and Bright" stitchery, and my MIL's scarf which just needs the tassels.

On the "to do" list is a Very Hungry Caterpillar cot quilt for my other bestie, an owl panel for my soon to be new niece (her mother doesn't really appreciate quilting so I am quite happy to just quilt a panel) and I really want to make some more root babies (one rabbit for Maddie for next Easter and half a dozen as little pressies    for when I need them!)

It really is scary when you list it all like that (and no doubt I've missed some out too!)
This year I am not writing formal resolutions because I never keep them anyway LOL.  I heard on TV that over 80% of New Years Resolutions are broken within the first month and less than 2% actually see out the year!

Thinking about a "to do" list for 2012 I do want to spend more quality time with my small son (he really is suffering being squeezed between the bossy big sister and the adorable and charming baby sister)
I do want to worry less about inconsequential things and prioritize my life so that the things that are important get the most attention.
I want to continue to declutter and simplify.
I want to write more letters.
I want to teach myself to knit 2 socks on 1 circular needle (I have a book that was bought but not yet used)
I want to learn how to "pin" on pinterest
I want to use social media more for my Creative Memories business
I want to have an attitude of gratitude for the small things every day
I want to spend less time trawling crafty things on the computer and more time actually crafting

I'm sure there is more but I want to go play with my sewing machine before it gets too hot to be in the one room without air con (going to be another scorcher here today!)
Happy New Year!
Keep smiling,


Julie said...

Well done Nell. Its not easy getting it all out in the open. Its quite overwhelming I found. Pick one project and have a good hard go at it over the next few days. Thats what I'm doing. I'm so excited at having my Bliss quilt up to the quilting stage.
I love that mini quilt. I'v got one of them on my "to do" list which is a whole other blog post!!!

The Patchwork Apple- Jane..... Visit said...

wow Nell! You've been really busy and you it looks like you'll stay busy!!!
Happy New year!

Nic Wood said...

Thanks for sharing a couple of your UFOs Nell ;) You should join me in the 12 WIP in 12 months challenge - i will blog about it today! Happy New Year, stay cool!
Nic xxx

Anonymous said...

I dursent even look in my stack. ST

Mamie Girl said...

Love your 'to do' list, You have a tonne of UFO"s I'm surprised you know where to start!
Balance is a great word, AE will probably post a list soon that might be a great place to get some inspiration for your word :)
Your little one looks so cute in red polka dots...ahh if only I had a girl ;)