Monday, January 2, 2012

UFO Progress and Page a Day Layouts

Another productive day here!  First off: She Quilts!  Hannah has finished her first quilt top (and I am just a little proud..wipes a tear from her eye..)

Then I finally cut and put together and quilted Nessie's quilt.  Just simple cross hatching but my quilting is definitely improving and I find that I actually enjoy machine quilting now (not even any swearing and tearing of hair anymore LOL)

I think I like this little quilt a bit better now that it is together - it is a bit of a walk down memory lane as some of the squares are from Maddie's quilt, and Nessie's first baby quilt, and the blue spot I loved and used for everything, and the fabric I used for my niece's rag doll dress, and the fabric that became kangaroos to send to the UK cousins....

So there will need to be a trip to find some binding for both of these as nothing from the stash works.

Last night I found time to finish this one:
and as luck would have it, it fits Maddie's new doll bed perfectly (but first it needed a snuggle with a grumpy Dan and Teddy!)  The binding on this is green on the short sides and pink on the long sides.  We ran out and late last night I just couldn't be bothered.

You would think I would be feeling really good about all this progress but on the way to completing these I found a BOM that is no where near finished!!!

Sock number two (of the first pair) is now past the tricky heel turn and I have smooth sailing for the next 4 inches before the toe decreases.

Onto the layout a day challenges:  The focus has been on simple, easy, get-it-done pages!

My favourite from this lot.  I like the angle, and the use of old Wish paper with new Love paper!

Hope you are having a productive New Year too!
I'm off to take potato bake out of the oven and put the schnitzels on.
Keep smiling,


Jacci said...

Nell how gorgeous are your quilts and how clever is Hannah?! Amazing- well done. At least you've got started projects to finish- I've got craft projects of every type (knitting, sewing, papercraft, jewellery etc etc)that haven't even made it to the starting line! I'm good at the shopping... xxx

The Handmaden said...

Well done Hannah, your quilt is beautiful. And well done to Mum too, for having the courage not only to list your UFOs but to start completing them, you might even inspire me to do the same!