Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Much Better Day and more Page a Day Layouts

Today was a much better day.  I think it always helps to have Daddy around to put things in perspective LOL
My big girl made meat pie with a pea floater for tea - so proud of her, she is becoming so competent in the kitchen now and I am even starting to let her stir things on the stove and cut onions with a proper knife.  She is showing that she is up to the task and really shines under all the praise and the "master chef" scores that her family give her.  I love that my kids love to cook.

I have enlisted Hubby's help with the bath/teeth/bed routine and tonight seemed much calmer.  It is funny, we had a big storm here tonight and I realised that I had felt exactly like that - a big build up of stormy skies and rain clouds and negative energy and now I feel just like the calm after the storm, all washed new.  I think I need to remember an old favourite quote that says "Life isn't an all out tug of war between misery and bliss, sometimes it is not the end of the earth, it is just one bad day"

I managed to get the 2nd coat of white paint onto the remaining walls in my craft space today and then realised that unfortunately it is going to need ANOTHER coat before it is done (Grrr!)  I also did a bit of pottering around my sewing table and threw out a lot of junk and recycled other bits and pieces for Dan's classroom and the kindy.  It felt liberating to throw some stuff that I know I will never finish and I found a few bits and pieces that really don't need much work at all to finish and then put in the present box.  I also found a few half finished softies that really should be done and saved for Pip's Softies For Mirabel drive as I felt bad that I didn't get any finished for them in 2011.

Late last night I did a few more pages for my page a day layouts.  I used mostly paper scraps.  I love it when I can just use up bits and pieces and still be happy with the results.

So how about you?  Are you having a productive weekend?
Scrap lifted from an old Scrapbooking Memories Magazine - I love the freehand /doodling look.  Might have to do some  more like this!
Using scraps that were left on my table
Very quick 2 minute page
Another scraplifted idea from Scrapbooking Memories
Scrap lifted from a Bo Bunny advert and modified to use CM  products  (the line through it is because I was too lazy to take it off the everyday display!)

Happy weekend,
keep smiling,

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