Monday, January 9, 2012

YAY! Another Finish!

Okay, whilst strictly not part of the 12 Projects Challenge (see my last post) at least I finally have this one off my WIP list.  These are my first ever socks knitted on 2 circular needles.  There was a little bit of chaos in our house this week when the small cherub wore the one finished sock around the house and lost it before I even had a chance to finish the pair.  Thankfully, order has now been restored and today while the cherub was sleeping and the other two were having "Quiet Time" in Hannah's room (which I believe involved a fashion parade and lots of repeat renditions of Taylah Swift's Love Story LOL) I was able to do the toe decreases and say TA DAHHHH!

When I was binding Hannah's quilt I took the easy option and did it the way my friend Jill does a lot of her charity quilts (stitched the binding from the back and then used a small zigzag stitch to secure around the front)  I was surprised by how easy and quick it was.  It was so easy that then I decided to have a little play making a pot-mitt.  I have seen similar in Amanda Blake Soule's book and also the Marla Dubrowsky book but this was my super-fast, not too precious take on it.  With my walking foot still on the machine I took a bit of scrap batting, some leftover fabric for the backing and my box of strips.  I just laid the strips out and stitched right through all 3 layers.  I used my big scrapbooking circle as a template to cut it into a circle but you could easily use a plate.  I used leftover binding from Hannah's cherry dress and bound it using the zigzag method described above.  This little project took less than 15 minutes from start to finish and it felt good to just create using scraps!  I'm thinking that these could make cute gifts with cooking equipment or even just a batch of muffins/scones?

There are lots of scrappy projects happening over at

Hope you are having a wonderful Monday.  I'm off to purge and declutter in pig pen corner!
Oh, and today I am grateful for Quiet Time, and for children that don't complain about swimming even when the water is freezing!


Mamie Girl said...

WOW love the socks you knitted, you should feel super proud of yourself. There is no way I would even attempt socks! :)

Anonymous said...

The socks are very nice. Though the idea of socks up here is a bit much, 45 degrees in the sun yesterday here. I don't get this binding thing, i don't sew much but would love to make a pot holder, is there a beginners guide somewhere?
Got your lovely gift and letter and am working myself up for a reply soon, like when I next head into town.